Root Canal Treatment

Your natural teeth are worth saving even when they are damaged and painful. When the inside tissues of your tooth, called the pulp, get damaged, often as a result of tooth decay or trauma, the situation will often present to you as a toothache.
The procedure that is done to clean, shape and fill the root of the tooth is called root canal treatment. This will often require multiple appointments.The tooth that has had root canal treatment may need to be reinforced by placing a crown (a cap) over it to make it strong and fully functional. The crown protects the tooth from possible fracture and prevents leakage of saliva and micro-organisms into the already cleaned and sealed canal system. This ensures long-term survival of the tooth.
Though time consuming, root canal treatment enables retention of teeth that might have otherwise been extracted.
The myth that root canal is painful is false. The dentist will administer a numbing medicine before the procedure. Therefore you will not experience pain during the treatment.
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