Dentures are artificial removable teeth.
They are usually partial or complete depending on the number of teeth they are replacing.
If they replace only some teeth, they are called partial dentures.
If they replace all the teeth, they are called complete dentures.
The denture teeth are made of a special type of hardened plastic called acrylic. Their colour is selected according to the patient’s remaining teeth so that they look natural and pleasant. The colour and shape of the teeth in complete dentures is selected to match the patient’s age, gender, skin colour and personality.

We guarantee that the shape and colour of teeth selected will look just as your natural teeth.

The denture is retained in the mouth by being supported on the gum and remaining teeth via a metallic or a plastic plate that is coloured like the patient’s gum. Those with a metal plate are less bulky, longer-lasting and more hygienic.

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