Children’s teeth are important for their general health and development of other functions like speech.

It is recommended that children keep their milk teeth up to the time these teeth are shade and permanent teeth come into the mouth.

Children start to get their milk teeth as early as six months of age and these teeth only start to shed off from the age of 5 years. The last milk teeth to be shade off are the milk molars around the age of 9-11 years. Meanwhile, permanent teeth start erupting around the age of 5-6 years. There is a lot of developmental activity that happens in the children’s dentition.

It is important that not only do children eat a balanced diet, control intake of sugar-containing foods and keep a good oral hygiene, but it is recommended that children should have at least a yearly dental check-up to monitor the development of their teeth and treat any dental diseases at the earliest stage.

At Smiledent Dental Centre, we carry out dental check-ups, cleaning, preventive dentistry like fissure sealing and fluoride application, fillings, baby root canal treatments and crowns for your children’s teeth. We are good with kids and have a dedicated play area for kids fully equipped with toys and art tools for them to blow off the stress of dental treatment.

We teach your kids how to brush their teeth and make them champions of their own healthy smiles.

It is our recommendation that the first visit of your child to the dental office shouldn’t be when they have pain. Rather it should be a routine visit meaning we probably will not need to give them an injection. This helps us create a good rapport with your child and they always look forward to their dental visit. Help us treat your kids like the princes and princesses that they are.

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