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Dentures are artificial removable teeth. They are usually partial or complete depending on the number of teeth they are replacing. If they replace all the teeth, they are called complete dentures. If they replace only some teeth, they are called partial dentures.
Smile Dent Centre offers dentures in Nakuru to help replace missing teeth and regain the confidence to share your smile with the world.

Why Choose Dentures?

Dentures are a time-tested and versatile option, offering unmatched benefits for those dealing with missing teeth. Whether you need partial dentures to replace a few missing teeth or complete dentures for a full set, these prosthetics provide excellent functionality and aesthetics.

Enhanced Speech

peak clearly and confidently without any speech impediments

Improved Chewing

Dentures can help you regain the ability to eat a wide variety of foods with ease

Restored Aesthetics

Enjoy a natural-looking smile that boosts self-confidence

Affordable Solution

Dentures are a cost-effective option for replacing missing teeth 

Need full or partial dentures in Nakuru?

The denture teeth are made of a special type of hardened plastic called acrylic. Their colour is selected according to the patient’s remaining teeth so that they look natural and pleasant. The colour and shape of the teeth in complete dentures is selected to match the patient’s age, gender, skin colour and personality.

Missing All Teeth
Wearing Complete Dentures
Pre-treatment Smile View
Post-treatment Smile View
We guarantee that the shape and colour of teeth selected will look just as your natural teeth. The denture is retained in the mouth by being supported on the gum and remaining teeth via a metallic or a plastic plate that is coloured like the patient’s gum. Those with a metal plate are less bulky, longer-lasting and more hygienic.

It is expected that when you go to sleep, if you are a denture wearer, you remove your denture, to allow the gum that supports the denture to rejuvenate.

View On Inside The Mouth Without The Denture
View Of Inside The Mouth With The Partial Denture

Restore Your Smile With Dentures

If you need to replace a few missing teeth or a full set, dentures are an ideal option that can provide excellent functionality, comfort and aesthetics.

At Smile Dent Centre, we provide dentures in Nakuru with a personalized approach ensuring that your dentures fit comfortably and look natural, enabling you to eat, speak, and laugh with ease.  Rediscover the happiness that comes with a restored and radiant smile.

What Our Patients Have to Say

Don’t just take our word for it – read the testimonials from our satisfied patients who have experienced the exceptional care at Smile Dent.

I recently had my teeth cleaned and a dental examination at Smile Dent, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. The hygienist was gentle and thorough, making me feel at ease throughout the entire process.

Jane Nafula

Teeth Cleaning

I had to get a couple of dental fillings done at Smiledent, and I was pleasantly surprised by the pain-free experience. The dentist was skillful and took the time to ensure that the fillings matched the natural shade of my teeth perfectly.

Peterson Ongeri

Dental Fillings

From the initial consultation to the final result, the entire process was handled with utmost professionalism and care. The dental implant specialist was incredibly skilled and made sure I understood each step of the procedure.

Rosemary Wambui


Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions on dentures answered by an expert.

What are dentures?
Dentures are removable dental prosthetics designed to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues, providing a functional and aesthetic solution.
How long do dentures last?
With proper care and regular maintenance, dentures can last between 5 to 7 years, although occasional adjustments may be needed.
Are dentures comfortable to wear?
Yes, modern dentures are custom-made to ensure a comfortable fit, though an adjustment period might be needed initially.
Can dentures improve my speech?
Absolutely! Dentures can help improve speech clarity, especially for those with missing front teeth.
How do I care for my dentures?
Denture care involves daily cleaning, soaking in denture solution, and regular visits to your dentist for check-ups and adjustments.

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